Wednesday, December 23, 2009

AndroidMapper files list

It's a bug here:

Using onTouchEvent(MotionEvent, MapView) to handle user touching as in the example, it's work fine on Android Emulator, but not working on true phone.

Please refer to another article "Problem of onTouchEvent(MotionEvent, MapView) on MapView" for details.

Android Er@2010-06-22

The the passed articles, I have a series to describe the steps in implementing AndroidMapper, a Android application to get and update location using MapView. Here is a list of the related article:

- Exercise AndroidMapper, Android Application using MapView
- Display a marker on MapView, using Overlays
- Get center location of a map, using MapView.getMapCenter()
- Move the marker on MapView
- Move the marker on MapView with Zoom Control Seekbar
- Implement a Help Dialog, using onCreateOptionsMenu(), onOptionsItemSelected() and AlertDialog.Builder
- Add options menu on MapView
- AndroidMapper: return result in Bundle

Related articles:
- Change GPS location of Android Emulator
- Obtaining a Maps API Key

Download the files.


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